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Control   Engineering's   Editors'   Choice   Award

Control Engineering Magazine, covering control instrumentation and automation systems worldwide, has bestowed upon Fauna Communications, MicroCraft corp. and National Instruments corp., the coveted Editors Choice Award for 2000.  Fauna Communications designed Polynesia, our animal vocalization analysis system, and MicroCraft built it for us using National Instrument's LabVIEW 6.i. We are proud to have created something so powerful and accurate, all for the preservation of this earth's great creatures.


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December 2001 National Acoustical Society of America Meeting

Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

FCRI presented two papers,  

"Songlike vocalizations and Infrasound from the Sumatran rhinoceros, 


"The felid purr: a healing mechanism?"

The response from peers was excellent and some notable quotes from other scientists included:

"Are you sure you are not a muse? That was a beautiful presentation." (Liz really loves Sumatran  rhinos, and I guess it showed in her lecture)

"You really think outside the box!"

The press from the lectures included:

New Scientist



April 2001 Regional Acoustical Society of America

Brad, Bart and Liz presented 

"Vocalizations from the giraffe: Helmholtz reonance in biology"


"Vocalizations from the Sumatran Rhino"

Both papers are in preparation

December 2000 ASA conference (tiger and equipment papers)              

Lay versions of these lectures complete with pictures and spectrographs can be found on the Acoustical Society's website:

Tiger paper - www.acoustics.org/140th/muggenthaler2.htm

Equipment paper -  www.acoustics.org/140th/muggenthaler.htm

North Carolina Regional ASA Chapter

The press from the tiger paper has been presented on the following shows and in the following papers:

CBC Radio Toronto Canada; Daily University Science News; Sunday Telegraph, England;  Inside Science News Service; AAAS Science update, The Sydney Morning Herald; ABCAustralia; BBC World Service Radio.

Scientists agree! We now have the equipment to study interspecies communication!

During her lecture on equipment, our president recommended that acousticians look further into interspecies communication. Since the technology has come so far in the last two years, it is now possible to create research protocol that will prove or disprove the ability of animals to participate in language acquisition and/or interspecies communication. Other acousticians agree that the unwritten taboo of interspecies communication, (in force because most prior studies were based on observation), should be lifted.  Research can now be formed that is not based on observation and statistics, it is based on mathematics, and the ability of complex equipment to perform differing types of analysis. 





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