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    As our goal is to educate the public, we are always available to lecture. Our favorite is children, whom our future depends upon, however we enjoy speaking with everyone, so please contact us. Our lectures do not necessarily have to be on animal communication, although this is our specialty, we also are versed in animal behavior and endangered species. Our request for donations on lectures varies, usually travel and accommodations, materials, and recompense for the lecturer.


Most of the time we feel that knowledge is a gift and therefore to be freely given. However in some cases where either travel or extensive research is involved, we will ask for a donation.  

Clients have included:

Proprietary Media for the PBSKid's and the AZA  website 

PBS Nature Series

National Geographic

Discover Channel

Discover Canada

The Riverbanks Zoo 

The Wild Ones

Cincinnati Zoo



















 There are two types of internships, STUDENT and PUBLIC.

Student Internships are for undergraduate and graduate students that wish to do an independent study, thesis or dissertation in animal communication/behavior/cognition. We will charge the student $500.00 per year, (this is the cost of 1 or maybe 2 college courses). We charge  this only because there will be an immense amount of instruction on our parts, including help with the research and publication of his/her findings, as well as the borrowing of our equipment. We would gladly do this for free if we could. We will help find the student inexpensive housing near the institute or facility. To be eligible for a student Internship the student must be enrolled at an accredited college or university, and be enrolled (have credit paperwork) in either an independent study course, thesis, or dissertation.  

Public Internships at the Institute are Daily, 2 days, one or two week sojourns into the wonderful world of bioacoustics. Interns will participate in behavior monitoring and in recording. You can meet us at the facility every day or stay in a hotel room or bed and breakfast.

    Interns will spend each day at the zoo involved in whichever study is underway at the time, up close and personal with exotic animals, in their barn, (not stall). In addition to this you will have a two hour per day (1 hour for daily clients) instruction on one of three topics, your choice, Animal Communication, Animal Behavior or Endangered species. North or South Carolina residents see bottom of page for weekly pricing. Weekly internships will be provided with transportation to and from the zoo. 


Must be 19 years or older

Must be in reasonable health, (we can make some accommodations for handicapped persons.)

Must not have a criminal record

Must be willing at all times to follow Fauna Communication's Policies and Procedures for research protocol, and animal welfare. 

You just heard the siamang ape, monogamous couples territorial chorus. It lasts for 15 minutes and is so loud that you need earplugs.


Daily: We meet at the zoo, and listen and talk to the animals! $150.00

Two Days: $275.00

Each additional day $125.00

One Week (5 days): $900.00 Hotel or bed and breakfast additional and Travel expenses to and from the North Carolina area are extra.

Two Weeks: $1,600.00 Hotel and Travel expenses to/from North Carolina are extra.

If you are a North or South Carolina Resident, close enough to drive to and from the zoo every day, the cost is $600.00 per week.

Please call us at (919) 593-5529 for more information.













Our CD's cost $20 a piece. Please allow 4 to 12 weeks for delivery. We are a research institute, and are often in the field, so sometimes it takes us a while. We wish to share these sounds with you but if all we did was make CD's, we wouldn't  be making discoveries.  We do not cash your check until we have sent the CD. Please submit your order with payment to:

Fauna Communications

P.O. Box 1126

Hillsborough, N.C., 27278

Animal Sounds List (currently available for cd's)

Aardvark, African Penguin, Alligator, Bali Mynah, Binturong, Black leopard, Black rhino, Bobcat, Channel billed toucan, Cheetah, Clouded leopard, Columbus monkey, Cougar, Crowned pigeon, Eagle owl, Elephant, Elk, Fennal fox, Giant eland, Golden lion tamarin, Grizzley bear, Hippo, Jaguar, Koala bear, Kookaburra, Lion, Meercat, Owl monkey, Parrot, Prehensile-tailed porcupine, Red wolf, Rhino hornbill, Ringtailed lemur, Siamang ape, Snow leopard, Striped opposum, Sumatran rhino, Suriama, Tazmanian devil, Thick billed toucan, Toco toucan, White rhino,White throated toucan

purrs from cheetah, cougar, domestic cat, serval, ocelot