We recorded at Marwell Zoo, just outside of Winchester, UK. The Marwell zoo is a beautifully run facility, with at least two new endangered babies, a white rhino, and an okapi. This zoo should be visited!!  Many, many thanks to all at the great staff at Marwell! 




























(Pangolin Pictures and us) For PBS Nature Series

We cannot always keep up with who has published information about us. But we see or hear from some folks about what we have been in. 

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And many local newspapers and television stations.









�Korg USA assists wildlife research organization in their effort to learn animal languages with the donation of a Korg D8 Digital Recording Studio�
MELVILLE, NY, June 11, 2000 � Do giraffes communicate? What about rhinos? What do elephants say to each other when they trumpet or rumble? The answers to these questions are being addressed by a group of dedicated professionals at North Carolina�s Fauna Communications Research Institute, with a little help from Korg USA. The Institute studies and interprets inter-species communication by recording and analyzing animal sounds and vocalizations. By understanding animal �languages,� they hope to provide aid to endangered species through the creation of new spoken languages that will enable humans to communicate with them.

Korg USA recently took a walk on the wild side, joining the Institute�s efforts to research and save these animals by recording and analyzing animal vocalizations, with the donation of a Korg D8 Digital Recording Studio. By recording these animals with the aid of the D8, researchers are able to use computer technology to translate the recordings into spectrographs and other types of analysis, which plot frequencies, decibels, and components of animal language.

�Humans tend to equate language with intelligence,� stated Liz von Muggenthaler, Fauna Communications Research Institute President. �We believe that people would
do more to help save these great creatures if they could actually communicate with them, and the Korg D8 can help us do that. It facilitates accurate recording that is immediately downloadable to our laptops. The D8 has eliminated worries such as tape decay and time constraints, and has increased our level of recording precision two-fold. The D8 is a wonderful example of advanced technology servicing all the creatures of this planet."

Korg USA is proud to support the Fauna Communications Research Institute in their attempt to save animals from extinction. To learn more about this worthy cause, visit the organization at www.animalvoice.com, or email at fauna@rtpnc.net.

Many thanks  to KORG! 

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The shoot was on our giraffe study, the giraffe apparently liked carrots and hair!


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